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    • 10/02/2017
    • 10/29/2018
    • 49 sessions
    • Small Classroom, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    Mondays @ 9:30AM

    The Black & White Special Interest Group is a weekly meeting of those club members who enjoy the special qualities of black & white (or more generally called “monochrome”) photography. Members bring their images for viewing and comments by the group.  Discussions on editing techniques, as well as on composition and lighting are also a part of the meeting.
    The question might be asked “Why are we interested in black and white images when even the basic point and shoot digital cameras can produce very good color photographs?”  The answer is: there are some images which have more visual impact when rendered in black and white.  These images are those which use the interplay between light and shadows to emphasize texture or shapes within the composition. An example is shown below
    Typically, the photographs shown at our SIG have been produced as color images in a digital camera and converted to black and white using one or more of the popular photo editing software packages.

    • 10/04/2017
    • 05/01/2019
    • 68 sessions
    • Small Classroom, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    Wednesdays @ 9:30AM

    A special interest group for those interested in Photoshop CS (version 5 or earlier) and in Lightroom. We study techniques that involve features found in CS and Lightroom that are not found in other photo processing tools. No need to sign up. Just come on in. You must be a member of the Green Valley Camera Club and GVR to attend this event.

    • 10/05/2017
    • 11/01/2018
    • 50 sessions
    • Kino Room, Santa Rita Springs Social Center


    In this Elements workshop, participants bring two or three photographs that they want improved on a flashdrive. Linda Gregory demonstrates various methods of enhancing the photographs using Elements. The participants are encouraged to contribute to this workshop by making their own suggestions. This workshop is for all levels of Elements users, from beginner through advanced. No need to register, just come in and join us! You must be a member in good standing of the Green Valley Camera Club to attend this class.

    • 10/06/2017
    • 11/09/2018
    • 54 sessions
    • Small Classroom, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    Fridays @ 9:30AM

    This is a group that is interested in Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. Normally it is a very informal however there likely will be, from time to time, special events by the group. These might include seminars on how to set your camera for maximum utility, field trips for specific topics, and maybe even some overnight field trips to better learn to use your camera and other equipment. No need to sign up, just come and join us! You must be a member of the Green Valley Camera Club and GVR to attend this event

    • 10/10/2017
    • 11/06/2018
    • 54 sessions
    • Kino Room, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    Tuesdays @ 9:30AM

    Please bring up to 5 photos that you have either worked on and feel are ready for printing or display OR that you want specific help with.  The purpose of our discussions is to help members become more knowledgeable about  the taking and post processing of their photos.  Please try to bring the Exif data available for your photos (if possible).  Our discussions are  "Creative Criticism" sessions so we can learn from each other how to make all of our photos "BETTER"!!   With more members returning every day, we wish to make this a productive group, so our members can grow in the field of photography! 

    In order to participate in this event, you must be a member of the GVR Camera Club and GVR.
    • 01/04/2018
    • 10/18/2018
    • 28 sessions
    • Ansel Adams Room, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    First and Third Thursdays @ 9:30AM Beginning 5/3/18

    Explore and learn the facets of multi-media, including audio, video & animation. View the 2017-2018 class topics calendar  

    Meetings will be held in the Ansel Adams Room.

    In order to participate in this event, you must be a member of the GVR Camera Club and GVR.
    • 04/27/2018
    • 11/05/2018
    • 12 sessions
    • Ansel Adams Room, Santa Rita Springs Social Center

    Mondays@ 10:00AM Starting 5/7/18

    Photo Art SIG - 

    Several members of the GVR Camera Club have been showing breathtaking artistic photographs that have been eliciting "aaws" from every audience that they've been shown to. For examples of the photos that can be produced with these techniques, click HERE.

    I've had numerous requests from members who want to create similar Art Photographs, to offer classes on the techniques used.

    In order to satisfy those requests, the GVR Camera Club is launching a new Special Interest Group (SIG) for members who want to "Click it up a Notch" to a photo art form. Liz Palmer will be the initial facilitator for this group.

    The SIG's organizational meeting will be held on March 16th at 1:30 pm in the Ansel Adams Room, with future meetings scheduled for Fridays at 1:30 pm.  Any member who is interested in "Photography as an Art Form" is invited to attend. Join the group to explore new ideas and to get excited about photography again.

    Please feel free to bring a few samples of any Photo Art that you've done to share as examples

Past events

04/19/2018 Paul McCreary - April Speaker Series
04/13/2018 Kartchner Caverns State Park Photographer's Tour
04/06/2018 Pontoon Boat Tour on Patagonia Lake
04/04/2018 Oasis Sanctuary (Exotic Bird Rescue) Cascabel AZ
03/30/2018 Annual Camera Club Potluck Fiesta
03/30/2018 Field Trip SIG
03/27/2018 St Anthony's Greek Monastery
03/20/2018 March Travelogue
03/20/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
03/18/2018 Valley of the Moon Park Tour
03/15/2018 Le Craven - March Speaker Series
03/14/2018 White Stallion Ranch
03/13/2018 ASARCO Mine Tour
03/09/2018 Pontoon Boat Tour on Patagonia Lake
03/05/2018 Gammon's Gulch - Working with Live Models in Western Town
03/02/2018 Colossal Cave Tour
03/01/2018 Web Design by Weebly
03/01/2018 Senior Games Photographers Needed
02/27/2018 AZ-Sonora Desert Museum Guided Tour and Raptor Free Flight
02/27/2018 Odysea Aquarium (Scottsdale)
02/22/2018 iPhone Photography
02/21/2018 Walking Tour of Fourth Avenue
02/20/2018 February Travelogue
02/19/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
02/15/2018 Guy Atchley - February Speaker Series
02/13/2018 Rancho de la Osa
02/10/2018 Santa Rita Springs GVR Open House
02/09/2018 Border Patrol Tour -- Nogales
02/07/2018 White Stallion Ranch
02/06/2018 iMovie for MAC
02/06/2018 HF Coors
02/05/2018 February Showtime
02/01/2018 Photos For Mac
01/31/2018 American Indian Arts Exposition
01/29/2018 Monitor Refresher Training
01/26/2018 Yume Japanese Garden--Tucson
01/25/2018 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
01/24/2018 Paul Bond Boot Factory
01/23/2018 Monitor Refresher Training
01/23/2018 iPhone Photography
01/18/2018 William Lesch, Photographer, January Speaker Series
01/16/2018 January Travelogue
01/16/2018 San Xavier Mission Tour
01/13/2018 Photography Class 2018 (Saturday AM)
01/11/2018 Photography Class 2018 (Thursday AM)
01/10/2018 Photography Class 2018 (Wednesday PM)
01/09/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
01/08/2018 January Showtime
01/08/2018 Photoshop Elements
01/08/2018 Beginning Pro Show Gold
12/16/2017 Old Tucson Studios (movie set)
12/14/2017 John Scott - December Speaker Series
12/13/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
12/12/2017 HF Coors
12/07/2017 Philabaum Glass Gallery and Studio
12/06/2017 Beginning Pro Show Gold
12/04/2017 December Showtime
11/14/2017 November Travelogue
11/14/2017 Turn Your Photos into Greeting and Note Cards
11/11/2017 Butterflies of Tohono Chul
11/07/2017 Turn Your Photos into Greeting and Note Cards
11/06/2017 Studio and Advanced Techniques SIG
11/04/2017 Empire Ranch Roundup and Open House
11/02/2017 Photoshop Elements
10/21/2017 Anza Days Tubac Presidio State Historical Park
10/19/2017 Linda Gregory - Safari Serengeti, October Speaker Series
10/14/2017 Anza Day at Historic Canoa Ranch
09/23/2017 Tucson Botanical Gardens
08/07/2017 Canceled - Pixel Math Class
04/20/2017 Ted Fleming Photography, April Meeting Speaker
03/29/2017 Scanning Class
03/28/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
03/23/2017 Into Africa: An Encore Linda Gregory Speaker
03/23/2017 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
03/22/2017 Scanning Class
03/21/2017 March Travelogue
03/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/16/2017 Gammon's Gulch
03/15/2017 Annual Camera Club Potluck Fiesta
03/15/2017 Scanning Class
03/14/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
03/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/08/2017 Scanning Class
03/06/2017 Web Design by Weebly
03/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/02/2017 Tohono Chul Park
03/01/2017 Scanning Class
03/01/2017 Southern Arizona Senior Games Photographers Needed
02/28/2017 iMovie for the Mac
02/24/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/24/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/23/2017 Linda Gregory and Patty Ferguson, Wildlife Photographers - February Meeting Speaker
02/22/2017 Scanning Class
02/22/2017 White Stallion Ranch
02/21/2017 February Travelogue
02/21/2017 iPhone Photography
02/20/2017 Photos For The Mac
02/20/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
02/19/2017 Canon Printer Workshop
02/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/15/2017 Scanning Class
02/15/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
02/11/2017 Santa Rita Springs GVR Open House
02/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/08/2017 Scanning Class
02/06/2017 February Showtime
02/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/01/2017 Scanning Class
01/27/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
01/27/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
01/26/2017 iPhone Photography
01/25/2017 iPhone Photography
01/25/2017 Scanning Class
01/24/2017 January Travelogue
01/24/2017 iPhone Photography
01/24/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
01/20/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
01/20/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
01/19/2017 Don DuDeVoire, Flower Photography , January Meeting Speaker
01/18/2017 Scanning Class
01/16/2017 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
01/16/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
01/14/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Saturdays)
01/12/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Thursdays)
01/12/2017 Paul Bond Boot Factory
01/11/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Wednesdays)
01/11/2017 Scanning Class
01/09/2017 Beginning Pro Show Gold
01/04/2017 Scanning Class
01/02/2017 January Showtime
12/15/2016 Kathleen Reeder, Wildlife Photographer - December Meeting Speaker
12/13/2016 Tucson Windows and Doors
12/09/2016 Photoshop Elements Kindergarten Class
12/05/2016 December Showtime
12/04/2016 La Fiesta de Tumacacori (Sunday)
12/03/2016 La Fiesta de Tumacacori (Saturday)
12/01/2016 San Xavier Mission Tour
11/13/2016 Canon Printer Demonstration
11/12/2016 Locomotive Saturdays at The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
11/08/2016 November Travelogue
11/03/2016 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
11/02/2016 Tumacacori Dia de los Muertos (All Soul's Day)
10/20/2016 Byron J. Myers, Professional Graphic Artist - October Meeting Speaker

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