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    • 08/07/2017
    • 08/21/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Ansel Adams Room, GVR Camera Club, Santa Rita Springs Social Center
    • 21

    Canceled - Pixel Math Class

    This class has been cancelled at this time due to unavoidable circumstances. If you would like to join a future class, please email

    Join Stephen Herron to explore the magic of “Pixel Math”. Take the class and find out:

    • Just what pixels are.

    • How pixels control various aspects of your digital photos.

    • How to adjust your photos through pixel adjustments.

    • The relationship between pixels and printer drivers.

    The class provides a unique opportunity for Camera Club Members to gain a new understanding of one of the building blocks of digital photography. The class will have three sessions on August 7th, 14th, and 21st at 9:30 AM.

    To cancel your registration contact


    You must be a member of GVR and the GVR Camera Club to attend this class.

Past events

03/29/2017 Scanning Class
03/23/2017 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
03/22/2017 Scanning Class
03/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/15/2017 Scanning Class
03/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/08/2017 Scanning Class
03/06/2017 Web Design by Weebly
03/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
03/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
03/01/2017 Scanning Class
03/01/2017 Southern Arizona Senior Games Photographers Needed
02/28/2017 iMovie for the Mac
02/24/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/24/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/22/2017 Scanning Class
02/21/2017 iPhone Photography
02/20/2017 Photos For The Mac
02/19/2017 Canon Printer Workshop
02/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/17/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/15/2017 Scanning Class
02/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/10/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/08/2017 Scanning Class
02/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
02/03/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
02/01/2017 Scanning Class
01/27/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
01/27/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
01/26/2017 iPhone Photography
01/25/2017 iPhone Photography
01/25/2017 Scanning Class
01/24/2017 iPhone Photography
01/20/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Afternoon)
01/20/2017 Mat Cutting 101 (Morning)
01/18/2017 Scanning Class
01/16/2017 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
01/14/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Saturdays)
01/12/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Thursdays)
01/11/2017 Ten Week Photography Course (Wednesdays)
01/11/2017 Scanning Class
01/09/2017 Beginning Pro Show Gold
01/04/2017 Scanning Class
12/09/2016 Photoshop Elements Kindergarten Class
11/13/2016 Canon Printer Demonstration
11/03/2016 Introduction to Photoshop Elements

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