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    • 04/24/2021
    • 8:15 AM - 3:00 PM (UTC-07:00)
    • GVR Camera Club, Santa Rita Springs Social Center
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    Gammons Gulch Movie Set and Museum

    Trip Cost $30

    Please read Covid-19 protocols below.

    Take a trip back in time to the days of the old west as you walk down the streets of an old west town. 

    Gammons Gulch, a western town and movie set, was built by Jay and Joanne Gammons.  It includes a saloon, blacksmith shop, jail, assay office, church, gallows, barber shop, and much more.  The buildings are not just facades; they are actual buildings with vintage furniture, dishes, lightning, tools, etc from the territorial era.  It is truly a museum. 

    Gammons Gulch has served as a setting for may western movies, western themed weddings and other events, with the surroundings and settings meeting the specifications of the actual decor of the time.  

    After a short welcome by the actors, we will start with a self guided tour of the town after which you'll be able to take photos of the interior and exterior settings at your leisure.  Pictures may be taken for personal use only.  

    There is no food served at Gammons Gulch so bring water and a picnic lunch.  There is a nice picnic area or you can eat you lunch in the saloon.  

    It is highly suggested that you wear closed-toed shoes. brimmed hats and use sunscreen. 

    A little imagination is all you need to complete this memorable "step back in time" experience.  You'll marvel at the detail and authenticity that went into the building of this movie set and museum. 

    Contact the Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or dvsundevil@gmail.com with any questions

    Meet at the Camera Club at 8:15 AM for departure at 8:30 AM  to Gammons Gulch.

    If you need to cancel please contact the Field Trip Facilitator at philr@iname.com. We may have people on the wait list to take your place.  

    Due to confirmation required for the actors there will be no refunds after April 13th.


    There will be no carpooling. You must drive your own car. You must wear a mask while on this field trip. All safety protocols will be practiced while at Gammons Gulch.  We will split into two groups while at Gammons Gulch and  lunch will be staggered so one group will eat at 11:30am and the second group no later than 12:30 pm.

    Because the Camera Club is still not officially open, GVR is requiring that every person participating in the club's field trips sign a waiver absolving GVR of any liability.  Please bring your signed waiver with you when we gather for the trip. GVR is requiring that we provide them with the signed waivers as well as a list of field trip attendees.

    Waiver for Club Excursions 01052021.pdf

    All participants need to be responsible for an assessment of their mobility and health issues relating to field trips. Some trips may not be appropriate, but you must make that determination. However, the trip leader may deny participation in a specific field trip to anyone deemed not suitably prepared or able to walk with the group.

    The club strives to provide several field trips specifically designed for members with physical limitations. 

    In order to participate in this event, you must be a member of the GVR Camera Club and GVR.

Past events

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03/20/2020 Annual Camera Club Social Has Been Cancelled
03/14/2020 *UofA College Rodeo 03/14/2020
03/12/2020 *Gastronomic Tour of Nogales Mexico 03/12/2020
03/12/2020 *Border Patrol Briefing Trip 03/12/2020
03/10/2020 *Tohono Chul Tour 03/10/2020
03/10/2020 *Bird Photography: Hawk Watch in Tubac/Anza Trail Santa Cruz River 03/10/2020
03/07/2020 *Steam Punk at Old Tucson Studios 03/07/2020
03/02/2020 *Streetcar/Art Trip 03/02/2020
02/28/2020 *Rancho de la Osa - Including lunch 2-28-2020
02/26/2020 *Bird Photography: Patagonia State Park 02/26/2020
02/11/2020 *HF Coors Dinnerware Factory 02/11/2020
02/11/2020 *Bird Photography: Sweetwater Wetlands 02-11-2020
02/04/2020 Rancho de la Osa - Including lunch 2-04-2020
01/28/2020 Tucson Windows and Doors 1-28-20
01/24/2020 *Hotel Congress/Transportation Museum 1-24-20
01/23/2020 Border Patrol Briefing Trip 01/23/2020
01/19/2020 Bird Photography: Sweetwater Wetlands/Columbus Park 1-19-20
01/15/2020 *White Stallion Ranch 01/15/2020
01/14/2020 HF Coors Dinnerware Factory 01/14/2020
01/13/2020 Streetcar/Art Trip 01/13/2020
01/11/2020 *Presidio San Agustin de Tucson and Mission Garden 01/11/2020
01/09/2020 *Tucson Murals Featuring North Stone Ave and BICAS 01/09/2020
01/08/2020 *Bird Photography: Whitewater Draw for Sandhill Cranes by Bus 01/08/2020
01/06/2020 Streetcar/Art Trip 01/06/2020
12/15/2019 Bird Photography: Canoa Ranch Lake/GV Water Reclaimation Project 12/15/2019
12/10/2019 Trail Dust Town Tucson
12/06/2019 Day Trip to Magdalena Mexico 12/06/2019
12/04/2019 Bird Photography:Madera Canyon
12/03/2019 Tucson Windows and Doors 12/03/2019
12/03/2019 HF Coors Dinnerware Factory 12/03/2019
11/16/2019 Tucson Botanical Garden and Butterfly Exhibit
11/09/2019 Pima Air and Space Museum (November)
11/05/2019 Gastronomic Tour of Nogales Mexico (November)
11/02/2019 Empire Ranch Cowboy Festival $10.00 per car
10/30/2019 Bird Photography:Tohono Chul Park
10/23/2019 Gammons Gulch Movie Set and Museum
10/16/2019 October Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
10/15/2019 Tucson Murals featuring Hotel McCoy
09/16/2019 September Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
04/24/2019 White Stallion Ranch
04/18/2019 The Neon Attraction in Tucson
04/10/2019 Day Trip to Magdalena Mexico (April)
04/09/2019 Equine Voices Horse Sanctuary and Rescue
04/09/2019 Bird Photography: Pena Blanca Lake (April 9)
04/08/2019 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
03/26/2019 Bird Photography: Sweetwater Wetlands After the Burn -- FREE!
03/25/2019 Desert Meadows Park by Smart Phone
03/21/2019 Gammons Gulch Movie Set and Museum
03/19/2019 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
03/19/2019 Border Patrol Briefing: FREE and YOU MUST BE VETTED TO ATTEND THIS FIELD TRIP
03/18/2019 Arid Garden Park by Smart Phone
03/16/2019 Pow Wow at San Xavier Mission
03/13/2019 Pima Air and Space Museum
03/12/2019 Day Trip to Magdalena Mexico (March)
03/05/2019 Bird Photography: Anza Trail around Tumacacori Mission/Hawk Walk in Tubac
03/04/2019 Hidden Gems of Tubac
02/27/2019 Hotel Congress/Southern Arizona Railroad Museum
02/27/2019 White Stallion Ranch
02/26/2019 Bird Photography: Canoa Ranch Lake
02/14/2019 Butterfly Wonderland--A Rain Forest Experience
02/12/2019 HF Coors: $12.00
02/12/2019 Border Patrol Briefing: FREE and YOU MUST BE VETTED TO ATTEND THIS FIELD TRIP
02/05/2019 Day Trip to Magdalena Mexico (February 5)
02/02/2019 Bird Photography: Sweetwater Wetlands and Reid Park
01/28/2019 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
01/15/2019 HF Coors: $12.00
01/12/2019 Presidio San Agustin de Tucson
01/09/2019 Streetcar/Art Trip (January 9)
12/04/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
12/04/2018 HF Coors: $12.00
11/27/2018 November Birding/Nature Photography
11/14/2018 White Stallion Ranch
11/09/2018 Border Patrol Briefing: FREE and YOU MUST BE VETTED TO ATTEND THIS FIELD TRIP
11/07/2018 Day Trip to Magdalena Mexico: $104.00; CURRENT PASSPORT REQUIRED
11/03/2018 Empire Ranch Roundup and Open House: $10.00 per car
10/31/2018 Streetcar/Art Trip: $17.00 (includes streetcar pass)
10/01/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
09/11/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors: FREE
04/13/2018 Kartchner Caverns State Park Photographer's Tour
04/06/2018 Pontoon Boat Tour on Patagonia Lake
04/04/2018 Oasis Sanctuary (Exotic Bird Rescue) Cascabel AZ
03/27/2018 St Anthony's Greek Monastery
03/20/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
03/18/2018 Valley of the Moon Park Tour
03/14/2018 White Stallion Ranch
03/13/2018 ASARCO Mine Tour
03/09/2018 Pontoon Boat Tour on Patagonia Lake
03/05/2018 Gammon's Gulch - Working with Live Models in Western Town
03/02/2018 Colossal Cave Tour
03/01/2018 Senior Games Photographers Needed
02/27/2018 AZ-Sonora Desert Museum Guided Tour and Raptor Free Flight
02/27/2018 Odysea Aquarium (Scottsdale)
02/21/2018 Walking Tour of Fourth Avenue
02/19/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
02/13/2018 Rancho de la Osa
02/09/2018 Border Patrol Tour -- Nogales
02/07/2018 White Stallion Ranch
02/06/2018 HF Coors
01/31/2018 American Indian Arts Exposition
01/26/2018 Yume Japanese Garden--Tucson
01/25/2018 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
01/24/2018 Paul Bond Boot Factory
01/16/2018 San Xavier Mission Tour
01/09/2018 Tucson Windows and Doors
12/16/2017 Old Tucson Studios (movie set)
12/13/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
12/12/2017 HF Coors
12/07/2017 Philabaum Glass Gallery and Studio
11/11/2017 Butterflies of Tohono Chul
11/04/2017 Empire Ranch Roundup and Open House
10/21/2017 Anza Days Tubac Presidio State Historical Park
10/14/2017 Anza Day at Historic Canoa Ranch
09/23/2017 Tucson Botanical Gardens
03/28/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
03/16/2017 Gammon's Gulch
03/14/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
03/02/2017 Tohono Chul Park
03/01/2017 Southern Arizona Senior Games Photographers Needed
02/22/2017 White Stallion Ranch
02/20/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
02/15/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
01/24/2017 Reid Park Zoo - Behind the Scenes
01/16/2017 Tucson Windows and Doors
01/12/2017 Paul Bond Boot Factory
12/13/2016 Tucson Windows and Doors
12/04/2016 La Fiesta de Tumacacori (Sunday)
12/03/2016 La Fiesta de Tumacacori (Saturday)
12/01/2016 San Xavier Mission Tour
11/12/2016 Locomotive Saturdays at The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
11/02/2016 Tumacacori Dia de los Muertos (All Soul's Day)

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