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The members of the SIG typically use software like those listed below.  Click a software name for more information. (Note: Some of these software packages are free but you don’t get ALL the features unless you buy the full version. Some remain free if you opt to accept a watermark rather than pay for the license.)  If cost is your primary concern and you are just starting out, recommend you look closely at OpenShot. If you have some experience and/or are willing to invest the effort needed to learn new things, then look hard at DaVinci Resolve. Come to a SIG Zoom meeting and ask for opinions!

Once we get past the pandemic, you might also stop by the Camera Club and see what software is available on the Club's computers.

Product (w/ hyperlinks) Cost SIG Users Remarks
Adobe Premiere Pro CC ** Subscription – see website 1 (?) Pro level. Powerful but complex and costly option
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Discontinued *
1 No longer supported by Adobe. Do not recommend for newcomers.
Adobe Premiere Elements(2019)
6-7 Less complex but very capable option.
Proshow Gold* $69.95 2-3 Very good basic slide show editor, but no longer available.
Proshow Producer
 1 Beginner to intermediate option with many features.
Final Cut Pro X $299.99 1? Pro level. Powerful but complex and costly option
Pinnacle Studio $59.95 1 Basic to advanced level options with many features.
iMovie Free for iOS/MacOS 4-? Very good slide show and video editor.
Shotcut Free (Open source) *** 1 Powerful but complex option with many features.
OpenShot Free (Open source) *** 1 Beginner to intermediate option with many features.
DaVinci Resolve 15 Free 2-3 Pro level. Powerful but complex option with many features.
Windows Movie Maker Discontinued * No longer supported by Microsoft. Do not recommend.
Windows 10 Photo App Free 1-2 (?) Includes a very basic video editor. Might be a good place to start?
Audacity (Sound editor) Free (Open source) *** 4-? Outstanding free audio editor perfect for SIG members.
Reaper (Sound editor) $75 1 Low cost, powerful, for intermediate to advanced users.


"SIG Users" refers to the number of SIG members using a given software, which can represent a built-in knowledge base for help with a product.

*  Discontinued products are no longer supported and at some point, OS upgrades will result them no longer working. Usually recommend to avoid.

**  Premiere Pro CC also connects fairly seamlessly with numerous other Adobe products included in a Cloud subscription.

***  Cross-platform compatible, i.e., works on Apple or Windows. Continually upgraded. (May also support Linux.)

There are quite a few other software packages that are used by members of our SIG. The Camera Club also provides classes in some of the more popular ones – see the GVR Camera Club Calendar for class availability and dates.

Last Update: 3/29/2021

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