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We all have a story to tell. What's yours?

A multimedia presentation can incorporate a combination of text, audio, music, narrative, video, still photo images, animation, or graphics. (Or maybe even all of the above!) The typical aim of a multimedia presentation is to “Tell a Story” about a trip, a location, a group of people -- or any topic of interest -- capture the attention of the audience, and inform or entertain them. There are really no limits to the kind of programs you can prepare using multimedia. Many of our members use their DSLRs, GoPro, or video cameras to record their materials. We're also seeing an increasing use of smart phones (both android or iPhone) to do this.

What could you do? How about:

  • A slide show of old family photos that have been gathering dust in the closet.
  • Promotional videos for community non-profits.
  • Presentations for special gatherings such as Veteran's Day, Labor Day, etc.
  • Funny videos of a gathering, event, or other topic. (e.g., the SIG production of God Created Children.)
  • A video of that "Trip Of A Lifetime" that could be truly memorable.
  • Educational videos like the SIG has produced for the Camera Club. (e.g., Foam-Core Mounting Your Photograph.)
  • Anything your imagination can dream of!

Weekly SIG Meetings

Currently the  Multimedia SIG is meeting Mondays at 10:00 AM via Hybrid Zoom. To join  the SIG, register for the SIG on the Registration Page and you will receive the ZOOM Link each week. Alternatively, you can join us in person in the Camera Club! 

Here are some of the Multimedia SIG's ongoing initiatives...  Shooting a Club project

  • We invite any member of the GVR Camera Club to bring in their project to show and solicit suggestions from the members of the SIG. These videos might be a "work in progress" and the creator of the video is looking for constructive criticism, or, they might be a finished product being shared. We will always give you objective advice in as much detail as you like. The exchange of ideas and information is one of the best features of our SIG. They are deliberately positive in nature and a great opportunity for everyone to learn.
  • For something different, we have sponsored what we call the 3-Minute Challenge in the SIG.  Rather than wait for our members to think up a topic, do a video and bring it in, we "challenge" them with a topic and/or technique that they might not have otherwise considered trying. Sometimes there is a time limit to make things interesting! We have compiled some of our 3MC into videos and you can see them on the Multimedia Gallery Page
  • The Multimedia SIG has worked closely with the Camera Club to produce instructional videos. For example, the SIG worked with Gene Komaromi on "Foam-Core Mounting Your Photograph" (in photo here) and "How To Print Your Photograph". We have other projects in the planning stages and participate in the annual 10-week camera/photography class as well.

What do we do with our presentations?

What do we do with our presentations? Besides showing them to our friends and family, the members of GVR Camera Club members frequently show their multimedia productions in “Showtime” presentations, “Scavenger Hunts”, and “Travelogues”. 

Your multimedia presentation can be shared on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. There are lots of choices.

We invite you to check out some of the productions by our members in the Multimedia Gallery Page of the "Galleries" portion of this website.

Last Update: 8/14/2021

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