Multimedia Special Interest Group (SIG)

New! Two ways to participate now that the Multimedia SIG has begun "hybrid" meetings in the Camera Club that combines in-person with remote participation. 

Join us on Monday mornings at 10:00 if you're in Green Valley or continue to log in on Zoom if you're not.

How can the Multimedia SIG help you?

The members of the Multimedia SIG form a substantial knowledge base within the Camera Club on the ins and outs of producing your very own video. We can help you make your video better. However, the purpose of the Multimedia SIG is not to teach individuals the specifics of any particular software. We can advise you as to the best software for your needs and point you toward the best avenue for learning that software. If you settle on a particular software package, it is very likely (if you've elected to go with a mainstream product) that someone in the SIG already uses that software and can help you out with specific questions. The Camera Club has some training classes on a couple of the video editing products used by SIG members. But all of us -- without exception! --  are embarked on a continuing voyage of discovery and learning. Come join us along the way!

Featured Video

At the weekly SIG meetings (Monday mornings at 10:00), our members show videos they have produced and frequently solicit constructive criticism from the other members of the SIG. Afterwards, some videos go on to be shown at Showtime or Travelogue. Others just fade away... So we're going to be featuring some of those videos here. After a while, they'll move to the SIG member's Gallery page. 

Our first featured video is: 

  • Behind the Scenes. (Video by Kevin May)  Kevin is still a working professional in the field of multimedia and he decided to share what goes into a video production by recording this video during a recent shoot for Caterpillar in Oregon and Washington. This short, 14-minute video generated a lengthy discussion during our July 12th SIG Zoom meeting!  (Links to video on YouTube.)

Welcome to Our SIG!

The Multimedia Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to share knowledge and ideas that encourage and assist in the creation of interesting, informative and enjoyable multimedia presentations. Our members have experience at all levels from beginners to professional videographers, and everything in between!

No matter what your level of expertise, we invite you to come learn and share with us! There are no "minimum requirements" to participate. You will always find a warm welcome and readiness to help you with your latest project. 

Some of our SIG after a project shoot in April, 2019

Page Updated: 8/14/21
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